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We are delighted to embark on a journey we envision will help Patients and their Providers eliminate barriers when accessing the healthcare system. For the last many months, a small team of passionate entrepreneurs have been trying to solve a decades-old problem in the Patient Engagement space. Patients have always expected a more meaningful and valuable experience when trying to gain access to their Providers who in turn have tried out various methodologies to increase patient satisfaction while also providing the best possible care under an ever-changing compliance and regulatory landscape.

However, things have not changed much. Patients routinely experience long wait times to see their doctors and Providers have been wary of Patients who do not show up or cancel their appointments too late!

It is time we change things around for both Patients and Providers at the first point of contact with the healthcare ecosystem. The AppointmentNotify¬†Platform is a HealthTech solution designed from ground-up that let’s Patients and their Providers have direct access to each other when managing healthcare appointments. This Platform offers Patients seek sooner appointments; appointments that match their own schedule preferences and does it in a way that offers a simple yet invaluable experience! The Platform offers assistance to Providers by putting them in control of filling their newly available appointments so that they spend less time worrying about lost revenue due to missed appointments and more time providing care to Patients. The Provider Front-Desk Staff can also realize efficiency gains not iterating over manual tasks typically associated with calling or reaching out to patients in reference to their appointment needs and can be more productive assisting the patients and their care Providers instead.

AppointmentNotify is an experiment in residence by a small team of passionate entrepreneurs who envision a simple to use Appointment Management Platform that uses Technology and Patient-centered Design to balance the needs of Patients and their Providers. We hope you enjoy using this Platform as much as we enjoyed conceiving, designing, developing and testing it on the common grounds to make our healthcare system more accessible and valuable.

This Platform is a tool and a Marketplace every Patient and Provider can use to mange their appointments in a more efficient way. You are more than welcome to start using it for your healthcare appointment needs as soon as we launch. Remember to subscribe to our mailing list (which can be found on the Platform site: www.appointmentnotify.com) so we can notify you when we launch, hopefully soon! Please share the word with your friends and family if you like it.

To Health and Happiness!

Thank you!

The Team @AppointmentNotify