For the Team @AppointmentNotify, it was not long ago that we said HELLO to 2017. And now after another quick year into the making we are saying HELLO to 2018!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our supporters, Patients, Providers and anyone else who wishes to change the Healthcare system to make it simple, accessible and more valuable.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy New Year!

We have been working tirelessly for the last many months to design and develop a Platform that we hope will bring immense value to Patients and their Providers alike. We are delighted to share the news that we are now able to show you a Sneak Preview of this secure HIPAA-Compliant Platform. We thought we could give a gift of joy to those who care about changing the healthcare ecosystem for the better.

Please visit to check out the Platform and read through some of the information that you might find useful. We are working on internally testing the Platform to make it more robust and stable before we announce a Beta Launch sometime in the near future.

We truly hope you make the most of your new year just like we plan to make most of ours!


From the Team @AppointmentNotify

Post feature image courtesy of Gif!MAGE.