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Hello Patients, Providers and Everyone Else who wishes to gain some valuable insights into how to define the Future of HEALTHCARE! The Team @AppointmentNotify strongly believes that better health outcomes can be achieved by focusing efforts on the following three dimensions:

  1. Innovation,
  2. Leadership,
  3. Empathy

We decided to split our next blog post into three parts to shed some light on each of these dimensions and share a vision for improved health outcomes. This part (part 1 of 3) is about innovation which is a fundamental requirement for any large scale change to shape our future in a positive way. Though our primary area of focus is innovation in healthcare, we shall offer our comments in a more general sense that apply to any industry including healthcare.

What is innovation?

According to JetBlue’s founder David Neeleman: “Innovation is figuring how to do something better than it’s ever been done before.” Sounds simple. Isn’t it?

Disruptive Innovation

Anyone with some exposure to the theory of innovation might have heard about Clayton Christensen. A professor, author and entrepreneur, Mr. Christensen is one of the top notch thought leaders on Disruptive Innovation which is a term he coined to describe a process by which innovative ideas are conceived at the bottom of a market solving customer needs and then moving up market to beat and displace established competitors. We have heard and experienced such a phenomenon in recent times with startups scaling up to beat incumbents and stealing the market share gradually over time. We encourage the readers to review Mr. Christensen’s publications and books if they would like to learn valuable lessons about disruptive innovations.

Innovation 101

Let’s turn our attention to some other aspects of innovation that might help one get more familiar with what innovation is and how it can be realized. Simply put in the words of Matthew E. May, innovation is a verb rather than a noun which most people tend to think of it in practice. So if you happen to think of innovation as: a gizmo (a gadget). Or app. Or code. Or product. Or service. Or feature., then you are still missing on knowing what true innovation means. To make it simple to understand, think of innovation as a verb which relates it to an action; something done in response to something wanting to be done! Yes, when one thinks of developing a product, one can imagine it to be a verb since the mere act of developing the product is an action. True that! However, developing a product does not classify an innovative action in general sense until and unless the action itself is meaningful which results in solving a problem or meeting a need not previously met in an effective way. Confused? Enlighten yourself with this interesting article to educate yourself about it.

Principles of Large-Scale Change

In general, innovation (a meaningful action) results in change, usually a large-scale change. Think of Google Search, Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Airbnb, Amazon etc. One can easily evaluate the scale and magnitude of change brought about by these products or services as they scale-up to become a household name!

We leave the reader with a simple image that highlights the foundation for large-scale change made possible with the help of a well-executed innovation strategy:

Principles of Large Scale Change
Courtesy: Helen Bevan

You can get this free 122-page eBook “Leading Large Scale Change: a Practical Guide” packed full of models, approaches, tools & practical wisdom on leading change in complex environments. And to get you going to start working on your maiden innovative idea to bring that large-scale change, here are some helpful early stage mindset tips.

Alright so what are those unmet needs that will inspire you to think of an [innovative] idea to bring about the large-scale change? Let us help you out by offering a handful of problems [in the healthcare industry] in dire need of an innovative solution. Read through these Eleven Ideas For Healthcare Innovation.

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We shall be back shortly with another blog post to elaborate on how innovation in healthcare can be best driven with the help of visionaries and leaders who are the catalyst behind realizing big change!

Good Bye,

The Team @AppointmentNotify