We have been getting a lot of questions lately asking us to reveal what exactly is AppointmentNotify, how it works and how it benefits its users. Our recipe is not a secret sauce that we don’t want anyone to know. As a startup dedicated to changing things around so that the intended change benefits users, people, communities and the world at-large, we want to be totally transparent to everyone so that we can add value and an awesome experience to your everyday life. So to make things super-simple, we have drawn up a quick and dirty snap of how we want to make the lives of millions of patients and providers around the world simpler, efficient and healthier. There are many other benefits that can be realized with the use of the AppointmentNotify Platform including tremendous cost savings, increased revenues and higher satisfaction rates. Below is just one common use case of how this Platform can benefit its users:

The AppointmentNotify Platform automatically allocating newly available appointments

In essence, this Platform is disrupting the medical appointment space and in fact, the healthcare industry at large by bringing a concept that does not currently exist. To-date the healthcare industry is used to displaying and managing medical appointments in only one way. It boils down to a doctor having an availability in his or her appointment schedule which a patient can seek. If there are lots of patients trying to seek an appointment with that doctor, then it creates a backlog both in trying to get an appointment (appointment lead time) as well as inside the waiting room on the day of the appointment due to overbooking strategies used by the medical practice to prevent no-shows. Little regard is given by this approach as to what schedule suits the patient who is trying to seek an appointment and usually patients have little or no say in this process.

As a patient you get what is available or else you wait or can go seek an appointment with another physician. And the never-ending cycle continues..!

We felt it is time to change this traditional setup with some little innovation. The idea is extremely simple and is akin to how an online marketplace works. We have patients who due to whatever reason, have a change in their schedule. They have a confirmed appointment with their doctor, however, something else just came up requiring them to make a decision; either to go attend that thing that just came up, or go see the doctor. Sounds familiar. Right? So that patient decides to forgo seeing the doctor and simply cancels the appointment. Meanwhile, there is another patient who wants appointment with the same doctor but has been unable to get one that matches that patient’s schedule. Usually it comes down to seeking a sooner appointment with that doctor due to some ongoing medical issue (which is not necessarily urgent in nature). The Patient calls the medical practice on multiple occasions to see if a sooner appointment is available, however, is told by the practice staff that the earliest available is what that patient has been allocated already which is days and sometimes weeks away. This patient is waiting for a sooner appointment, however, is unable to get one!

[The Waiting Patient]: When is my wait for an appointment going to be over?

AppointmentNotify is here to rescue. We want to help patients help themselves and also help providers. The AppointmentNotify Platform let’s them do exactly that!

Patients and Providers (care providers and practice front-desk staff) now can literally exchange appointments on the AppointmentNotify Platform. This Platform is unique as there is no such concept of someone else other than the provider practice staff changing ownership of appointments at the moment. There is no transparent appointment marketplace available to patients, to providers and to the providers front-desk staff to be able to do such a thing. The good news is that the AppointmentNotify Platform now allows them to do this and more. It let’s them do a lot of what you see in the above snapshot automatically!

The AppointmentNotify Platform is an online marketplace dedicated to the valuable real-time exchange of appointments between patients and their providers!

Dubbed as: “the sharing economy of healthcare appointments“, this platform allows peer-to-peer exchange of healthcare appointments in an automated fashion to facilitate reuse of appointments based on real-time changes in appointment status.

We leave it up to the reader to feel amused or wonder as to what we are talking about! Feel free to ping us if you like to learn more. We are already gearing up for a launch and would be happy to hear from you if a provider is interested in a beta pilot of the AppointmentNotify Platform. Get in touch with us (info@appointmentnotify.com) if you want to be among the first one to try it out!