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We certainly hope that you are healthy and enjoying life to the fullest! It has been a really busy streak for us here @AppointmentNotify. As an early-stage startup there is a lot more for us to cater than our little team can handle. We are involved on various fronts at the moment including finishing up our alpha phase of testing, integrating with popular EHRs and not to mention, enhancing features and sub-features as we refine our product Platform further. It is fun stuff as we have a gigantic task ahead of us to test the waters by testing our product with real users and refining it even more so that it can uphold their expectations as well as offer them a unique and refreshing user experience. The good thing is that we are close to reaching an important milestone in our software development cycle which is that of Beta-Testing. We still need to finish off some left-over tasks lingering from Alpha-Testing, however, we are ready to start engaging prospective medical practices, medical groups and healthcare organizations who would like to participate in the beta-pilot to see if this Platform could help them retain existing patients and allow attracting new customers. At the end of the day, we are here to help both Patients and Providers use a simple innovation to make them more efficient and help improve health outcomes.

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AppointmentNotify Beta Pilot Invitation

Our initial target market to roll out the beta pilot is the North East region in the United States covering urban centers around Boston, Philadelphia, metro New York city, Washington D.C. Though the Platform can be deployed in other cities without any problem, the above list includes the ones that we are focusing on initially to get traction with a subsequent roll out planned successively in other regions of the country. We plan on offering this Platform for a limited time FREE trial with no obligation whatsoever to pay or use it at the end of the trial period. There are no gimmicks here. We think we have a useful product that can help engage Patients and their Providers. We have some competitors who offer solutions to the same problem, however, tend to do it in different ways, different from how we approached a simple and elegant solution to a very costly problem of Patient no-shows and late cancellations.

Below you will find some details about what our Platform is, what benefits it offers and why you should try it. If interested simply reach out to us at info@appointmentnotify.com and we will proceed with the process to on-board your Provider and Patient population to be able to use the Platform.


It takes 52 days on average for patients to seek an appointment with their doctor in Boston, MA!

It takes 39 days on average for patients to seek an appointment with their doctor in Albany, NY!

It takes 36 days on average for patients to seek an appointment with their doctor in Philadelphia, PA!

It takes 17 days on average for patients to seek an appointment with their doctor in New York-metro!

It takes 16 days on average for patients to seek an appointment with their doctor in Washington D.C!

What is AppointmentNotify?

  • Ever thought about managing appointments in an automated way?
  • How about not having your practice front-end staff spend most of their time on phone managing appointments?
  • What about letting Patients help Providers manage appointments efficiently?
  • Do you want to help change Patient behavior? Strategically?

If you dream to achieve any of the above, then you could find a solution in AppointmentNotify!

AppointmentNotify is a secure online Patient Engagement marketplace for on-demand appointments. The Platform allows Patients to seek early appointments and reduces no-shows and late cancellations for Providers. The Patients and their Providers benefit from a more efficient engagement resulting in a more valuable healthcare experience.

How does AppointmentNotify work?
AppointmentNotify is an intelligent real-time cloud-based notification platform that helps Patients seek new appointments which match their schedule preferences. It is perfect for on-the-go appointment needs! You know how busy Patients are especially in big urban centers. Patients cancel and reschedule appointments all the time. Well AppointmentNotify is now creating a new online marketplace where those appointments can be allocated to the patients who need them most without your practice staff having to do anything! This Platform is ideal for urban centers like New York, for example, where appointment lead times are longer and patients are super-busy with ad hoc changes in their schedule.

Why should I use AppointmentNotify?
For a very simple reason: increase revenue by increasing patient satisfaction and loyalty to your brand while saving costs at the same time by making your practice staff gain increased productivity!

Some good indicators for you to consider this supplemental solution include:

  • Lost revenue due to high no-show and late cancellation rates,
  • Over-worked staff spending too much time managing appointments,
  • Front-desk staff spending a lot of time on phone,
  • Long in-office wait times for patients due to double-booking strategies,
  • Patients complaining about increasing appointment lead times,
  • Patients complaining about no wait list for sooner appointments,
  • Patients not actively using/adopting the Patient Portal (for appointments), if present.

AppointmentNotify is an ancillary tool which means it can be tried out and used in conjunction with other tools your practice might be using. Think of it as an augmentation that automates a Medical Practice’s existing appointment management needs which in all honesty accounts for the majority of Front-Desk Staff’s daily routine. So you could continue to offer a Patient Portal, a third-party solution (e.g. an online appointment scheduling/ratings solution like Zocdoc etc.) or your own practice website offering appointment scheduling. AppointmentNotify will not impact any of your existing resources and, as a matter of fact, in return could automate appointment allocation and re-allocation for you by directly connecting you to your Patients. You simply need to register for your AppointmentNotify Platform account and let your patients know about it so they can also register their own patient account. If you allow this Platform to integrate with your existing Practice Management System or EHR then you and your staff could literally be hands-free and let the Platform do magic for you in real-time. If your  Practice Management System or EHR cannot be integrated or you don’t want to do that initially then you, your staff and your patients can still gain tremendous benefit from this Platform with minimal effort. We shall provide you continued support during your pilot trial and help streamline adoption all the way until you feel comfortable seeing its benefits!

AppointmentNotify Beta Pilot Launch:
We are looking to launch a beta-pilot in coming weeks and your practice could benefit from being a select group of early-stage practices who could save time, money and increase patient engagement as well as gain user satisfaction. Our goal is to make sure that your practice not only becomes more efficient but also gets to grow by attracting new patients and additional revenue.

Why Participate in the Beta Pilot:
Of course, there has to be value for you to participate in our beta launch. To make it simple and sweet, we are willing to offer this online platform for your use for FREE with absolutely no strings attached. We wouldn’t want you to use or for that matter pay for its use if you don’t like it or find value in it. And you can make that decision anytime without limitations. Additionally, to make it clear, this online Platform is an add-on to your existing practice workflow and processes. It is not going to change anything for you and instead is meant to help you run your practice more efficiently by letting you focus on providing the best possible care to your patients. Another good reason for participating is to be able to offer your customers a cutting edge innovation that could help attract new patients to your brand and increase satisfaction for existing clientele.

AppointmentNotify SNEAK PEAK:
You can check out a sneak preview of the AppointmentNotify Platform at: https://appointmentnotify.com

AppointmentNotify Media Coverage:
You can review press articles recently published in the media to get more information at:

Don’t Hesitate to Reach Out:
Feel free to send an email at info@appointmentnotify.com if you have any questions or if you are interested in participating in this FREE trial offer. We are eager to answer your concerns, if any, and will be glad to on-board you to lower barriers to access healthcare services and help improve health outcomes!

We will be back soon with another post which we hope you will find useful.

Take (good) care! 🙂



AppointmentNotify, Inc. is an early-stage healthtech startup based out of New York city whose mission is to enable Patients get quick, easy and efficient access to healthcare. AppointmentNotify is an online Patient-facing Platform meant to disrupt the traditional non-urgent healthcare appointment allocation by creating an on-demand appointment marketplace so that Patients can get sooner appointments with their care Providers for better health outcomes. The idea is simple: instead of Patients waiting for appointments, let an available appointment automatically notify the Patients seeking it!

Disclaimer: AppointmentNotify is HIPAA and HITECH-compliant. The Platform only allows Patients and Providers to deal directly with each other when it comes to exchanging appointments. FREE limited time offer is by invitation-only and requires integration with a supported Practice Management System or EHR appointment scheduling module API access to AppointmentNotify. As an alternative, this Platform can be configured for limited use without integration with the Practice Management System or EHR and without requiring significant increase or change in existing processes/systems. AppointmentNotify is not a replacement of the Practice’s current processes and systems. It is only an add-on tool to help the Practice reap missed sources of revenue and achieve higher patient engagement/satisfaction scores. AppointmentNotify, Inc. will sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with the Provider (HIPAA-covered entity) conducting the beta-pilot to protect Protected Health Information (PHI) in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.  AppointmentNotify does not use any clinical or medical-related information other than appointment and patient/provider demographic/contact information.  AppointmentNotify, Inc. is not affiliated with Zocdoc, Inc. The  AppointmentNotify Platform offers a patient-provider engagement solution to lower access barriers to healthcare services. As such the feature set offered by AppointmentNotify is not exactly the same as currently offered by Zocdoc, Inc. AppointmentNotify, Inc. is a StartUp Health Moonshot Academy transformer startup on a mission to achieve its “Access to Care Moonshot” to help deliver quality care to everyone regardless of location or income.