Today’s blog post is going to visit an important element of how Medical Practices and Physician owners of such Practices can inspire Patients to love their Medical Practice brand. We are going to reveal how the AppointmentNotify Platform can offer a simple “Wait List” feature to both Medical Practices (Physicians and the Front-desk staff) as well as Patient users to connect them seamlessly and automate the redundant and time-consuming administrative task of filling appointments on-the-go.

As Patients we have experienced time and time again the need for a “sooner appointment” with our preferred Provider. It is a common need that is difficult to fulfill as most of the Medical Practices and Providers do not have a Patient-facing Wait List mechanism which is what is used widely across Medical Practices to fill appointment slots that become available on-the-fly. The front-desk staff and Providers do not like to see their appointment slots go vacant for obvious reasons; a doctor’s time is important and time is money as we all know. Having an optimized and full Provider schedule is key to a successful Medical Practice business. Anytime there is an open slot in a Provider’s schedule, the Provider’s front-desk staff is on their toes to fill that up quickly which in practice means, a lot of phone calls to Patients asking them if they are available to avail the open slot with that Provider. This process works but is costly and results in a lot of manual and repetitive time consuming task that the front-desk staff is used to experiencing almost every single day.

 @AppointmentNotify, we believe Patients these days expect more from their care Providers and Medical Practices. Seeing a doctor is not good enough any more. Being able to see a doctor sooner as well as on Patient’s preferred schedule is what can inspire Patients to love a Medical Practice brand and Providers who offer care to them. That is the fundamental assumption we made when we started designing and developing the AppointmentNotify Platform to make things simpler and valuable!

Being able to see a doctor sooner as well as on Patient’s preferred schedule is what can inspire Patients to love a Medical Practice brand and Providers who offer care to them.

Is there a better way to manage Wait Lists?

Yes. We @AppointmentNotify thought about how we can help Patients and Providers bridge this gap so that both sets of users can be more efficient and can get what they are looking for.

Patients look for sooner appointments. They can be happier (and hopefully healthier) if they can get one!

Providers (including front-desk staff) look to see a full schedule. They would be happier if they don’t have to fill slots that become available on-and-off in a Provider’s schedule.

The AppointmentNotify Platform let’s both Patients and Providers make use of Wait List and automates the mundane task of managing Wait Lists for Providers front-desk staff. Let us show you visually how this simple feature can make things far simpler for both types of users:

The AppointmentNotify Platform automatically managing Wait Lists

The above pictorial is a simplistic view of how the AppointmentNotify Platform manages Wait Lists. Here is a run-down of high-level steps involved:

  1. Step 1 involves Patients (Ben and Sarah in this case) adding themselves to a Provider’s (Dr. Kevin in this case) Wait List in lieu of trying to get a sooner appointment with that Provider. (Shhhh…Yes. Patients can now do that on their own!),
  2. Step 2 illustrates the case when a slot opens up in a Provider’s schedule (in this case, Dr. Kevin has a slot X that opens up as available),
  3. Step 3 depicts how the AppointmentNotify Platform goes about attempting to fill the newly available open slot in a Provider’s schedule (appointment X in Dr. Kevin’s appointment book in this case) and is able to identify Patient Sarah as someone who would want that slot,
  4. Step 4 shows the auto-notification that the AppointmentNotify Platform sends to the selected Patient and the Provider of the assignment/allocation of the newly available open slot which inherently updates their schedule calendars, and
  5. Step 5 finally re-iterates the point that the Provider (both the Physician and the front-desk staff) get to fill their newly available open slot conveniently and automatically without their involvement.

The above demonstrates a high-level view only, sufficient to illustrate how the AppointmentNotify Platform empowers its users and makes things easier and more efficient for them. We previously proposed that Health Policy and Law Makers should consider enacting laws that require all Medical Practices and Healthcare institutions to offer the Wait List mechanism to Patients. We were definitely not joking when we said that. We feel that the Patients’ needs can be best addressed by proposals that have the potential to add value to a Patient’s life on a daily basis. And it starts by offering Patients a valuable experience when trying to see their doctors. The less barriers to access healthcare there are, the more healthier the outcome could for Patients as well as their Providers.

We encourage readers to review our previous blog post on why managing Wait Lists is crucial to improving health outcomes and reducing costs. It is vital that such changes are realized to make our healthcare system healthier and less costly to Patients as well as to the American Tax Payers!

We truly hope you have enjoyed reading this post and learning about what an awesome healthcare access experience could mean. Help us help you better by spreading the word about AppointmentNotify. We are still offering FREE Beta Pilot trial opportunity to Providers. It really does not matter whether you are a healthcare consultant seeing your own Patients or managing Patients of an affiliate healthcare Medical Practice, or are a Medical Practice, a Medical Practice Group or a Hospital, you can try out the AppointmentNotify Platform FREE for limited-time and become an early adopter of this disruptive technology to help existing Patients and attract new ones. Details can be found here.

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