Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day Holiday on Monday honors the American labor movement and the power of collective action by laborers, who are essential for the workings of society. This Day is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers including healthcare workers who provide care to Patients and their families.

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.”

At AppointmentNotify, our aim is to be the voice of and for Patients, to advocate for their rights and to help them take control of their life so they can enjoy healthy life style. Since we love arts and technology too, we try to play our part by blending technology and design to offer tools that can help both Patients and Providers interact and communicate with each other in a much more easier and efficient way.

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Free Tshirt for Patients!

As part of our launch strategy in certain U.S. markets, we are now offering Patients a FREE T-shirt with the AppointmentNotify logo paired with a nice name tag for simply enticing Patients to use the AppointmentNotify Platform to book their next visit with a Physician on this Platform. You might be thinking it sounds like a joke. After all, who on earth cares so much about Patients to offer them freebies just for managing their health? Well. In reality there are a lot of people, including us, who do care about Patient’s well being and want them to take control of their own life for better health outcomes. However, most of them don’t offer anything close to FREE to Patients. Our mission at AppointmentNotify is different than a lot of other players in healthcare. We believe that valuable health outcomes should benefit the Patients first and foremost before any other player in the healthcare industry. Hence, the reason for us to offer Patients our very first freebie!

Labor Day Holiday Gift for Patients

How do Patients get a Free Tshirt?

It is quite simple to get your FREE T-shirt.

Visit the AppointmentNotify Platform https://www.appointmentnotify.com, search a Provider using Provider or Practice name or by choosing a medical specialty in the area you are interested in. Then simply Book an available appointment once you are satisfied reviewing the Provider profile information and credentials. You will need to register your account the very first time you attempt to book an appointment on this Platform. You will be gladly awarded your FREE T-shirt at the end of your first visit with that Provider. Just make sure to keep your appointment and arrive on time. Wear the AppointmentNotify name tag on your subsequent visit to promote the voice of Patients if you wish. You will experience that the Provider you visit will most likely offer you a new and refreshing experience that should help you manage your care better.

Free T-shirt 👕 for Patients! 😊 👍

Patients help spread the word!

We simply request you (the Patients) to help spread the word about the AppointmentNotify Platform. You will find a flyer in your FREE T-shirt package along with a business card that you can give to other Providers who are not on the AppointmentNotify Platform when you visit them next. Just tell them that they can claim their FREE AppointmentNotify Platform Provider account for themselves and their Medical Practice for a limited time if they like to offer the same benefit to Patients enjoyed by dozens of other Medical Practices. Help spread the word by becoming a strong advocate for a positive and healthy change!

BECOME A PATIENT HERO! 😊 👍 #PatientExperience #patientengagement #patientadvocacy #patientvoice #health

Interested healthcare Providers can reach out to us at: info@appointmentnotify.com to initiate the Provider on-boarding and registration process.

Thank you!

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Disclaimer: One Free T-shirt per patient booking appointment with a Provider on the AppointmentNotify Platform. Limited quantities while supplies last. T-shirt size not guaranteed. Providers on the AppointmentNotify Platform are not responsible for the FREE T-shirt promotion. Not all Providers might be participating in this promotion. This promotion is open to residents of the 50 states in the U.S. only. AppointmentNotify, Inc. not to be held responsible for any outcome post-receiving the FREE T-shirt offer. This offer is for promotional marketing campaign only.