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We are back with a blurb to highlight an important aspect of what we as Patients (all around the world) expect from our healthcare system. It is another way of saying how can healthcare in the U.S. and the rest of the world help Patients of the 21st century? Close to the end of 2018, we all know very well that the healthcare system is still lagging behind in many ways especially for some of the more basic needs related to, for example, access and quality of care-related services received. Here @AppointmentNotify, our area of focus is trying to remove barriers to access those care-related services by allowing Patients a chance to seek sooner appointments. Well simply because if one can see their care Provider sooner then that alone increases the chance of better health outcomes and lower cost to the healthcare system! Facts indicate that hundred and thousands of Patients all around the world have to wait days and weeks just to be able to see their doctors and though telemedicine and telehealth are great options, at present, they are not suitable for all types of medical needs.

It is important to note, however, that there are drastic advances being made in scientific discoveries, a number of those in healthcare ranging from identifying cure for chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure to advances in cancer immunotherapy research leading to a breakthrough in new class of drugs to help many Patients who otherwise are out of options.  The purpose of this blog post is not to say that healthcare is not improving but instead to highlight the fact that while big discoveries are being made, there are still lingering issues in healthcare that make the experience of accessing healthcare services a lot more complex and challenging especially for Patients on an ongoing basis. We hope that the glitter of big advances in healthcare research and innovation does not overshadow the basic needs of the most important player in healthcare: the Patient.

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Let’s Make Healthcare Great Again!

What’s All The Fuss About?

Let us show you what prominent healthcare leaders are saying these days. Take, for example, Jim Hinton, CEO of Baylor Scott & White (the largest not-for-profit health care system in Texas) reportedly mentioned:

Consumers are NOT comparing us to the next health system down the road. They’re comparing us to @OpenTable & others.

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Jim Hinton, CEO of Baylor Scott & White

The underlying issue and the pressing need in healthcare right now is really the lack of similar user and patient experience that consumers are otherwise used to experiencing outside healthcare. Case in point that a company like OpenTable, which allows users to discover and make online restaurant reservations and read reviews from other diners,  was established 20 years ago (in 1998) and has a growing customer base who use it for their dining needs AND experience. Here are some facts about OpenTable:

OpenTable finds restaurants for more than 21 million diners each month.

Every month, OpenTable diners write more than 850,000 restaurant reviews.

Our diners have spent more than $16 billion at our partner restaurants.

In North America, 50% of our reservations are made on one of our mobile apps.

The above facts are not just (amazing) stats. These represent a much wider trend of what consumers need and want, albeit for their dining options in this case. Healthcare is not much different. All Patients are consumers of healthcare services and it is an integral part of their daily and long-term lives. In some ways, healthcare is more important than dining choices made via OpenTable and other service options. See a response from another healthcare leader to the above Twitter post:

Geeta Nayyar_Tweet
Dr. Geeta Nayyar, MD MBA

The above Twitter posts from various #hcldr (stands for: “healthcare leader“) express the needs that #patients desire of: a truly remarkable consumer experience that fulfills their needs like other contemporary lifestyle options.

Needless to say we are not there yet in healthcare despite a push for innovation and forward-thinking initiatives to change things around.

How Do We Make Healthcare Great Again?

Great question!

The answer is not simple, however, it is logical to say that a lot of players from inside and outside of healthcare are trying to make this very thing happen so that Patients can get to enjoy the same kind of experience that they are otherwise used to enjoying outside healthcare. @AppointmentNotify, for example, we are currently working on developing a simple feature that would let Patients specify their needs when it comes to seeking appointments with their care Providers in a really simple and super-easy way. To make the case in point, currently a care Provider’s appointment schedule is only presented to Patients based on mainly one criteria, which is that of the care Provider’s availability.

Currently for most of the online care Providers, a Provider’s appointment schedule is only presented to Patients based on mainly one criteria, which is that of the care Provider’s availability.
AppointmentNotify, is aiming to change that in Patient’s favor!

For example, if a Patient wants to look up and book an appointment with a Dentist on say Zocdoc’s Platform, they can pretty much specify every other option they want including: condition, procedure, doctor and practice name, zip code, insurance carrier and plan etc. to lookup a dentist of their choice and see that dentist’s schedule. That sounds good and is no doubt helpful, however, is missing one BIG element that we believe is quite important to consider. That criteria is that of Patient’s Schedule Preferences.

[Current online Healthcare Appointment service offerings are] missing one BIG element that we believe is quite important to consider. That criteria is that of Patient’s Schedule Preferences.

AppointmentNotify wants to bring this criteria into practice so that the current outdated healthcare appointment management offerings allow Patients to specify their schedule preferences when seeking healthcare appointments to complement a Provider’s availability schedule.

We believe it is time that healthcare in America and all around the world come up to [contemporary] consumer standards that Patients can also get to enjoy just like they already do when booking restaurant reservations, travel arrangements, online shopping, banking and financial transactions etc. We shall leave it up to the reader to imagine if AppointmentNotify, is on-track to fulfill its promise of: “improving health outcomes one patient at a time!

That is how we @AppointmentNotify believe “We Can Make Healthcare Great Again!

Want to join us?

Help us spread the word or two about us by visiting appointmentnotify.com and sharing it with your loved ones if you like what we are doing for Patients. In essence, we are not doing it just for Patients as we are really trying to engage Patients with their Providers to change behavior and health outcomes for the better! Thank you for cheering and for your continued support!

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